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Vario Law, a Divorce Advocate You Can Trust


couple contemplating divorceAt the base of every strong marriage is trust. Trust about your partner’s fidelity, finances, background, and current activities. There are numerous of reasons trust can leave a marriage, but once it’s gone it can be incredibly hard to get back. A marriage without trust can be stressful, and make it easy to feel like you have nowhere to go, but it’s a time where having a trusted and experienced confidant can make all the difference.  The reality is that in today’s digital world, there are infinite opportunities for partners to breach that trust.

At the Vario Law Group, we’re experienced in the complex and difficult situations that revolve around the issue of divorce. Between readily available Internet access to social media sites, financial sites and popular affair-finding websites, such as Ashley Madison, there are numerous ways a partner can be unfaithful emotionally, financially and/or physically with little risk of being held accountable. And although Colorado prides itself on being one of the happiest states, it is potentially also is one of the most unfaithful, with one recent investigation of the Ashley Madison privacy leak finding Colorado the second highest-ranking state in the country for online infidelity.

Just because Colorado is one of the top sites on Ashley Madison doesn’t mean the state is full of unfaithful spouses, and just because someone is on Ashley Madison doesn’t necessarily mean they are unfaithful to their spouse. However, the release of this information is likely fueling uncomfortable conversations between couples across the country. While it’s our main desire that couples work out their differences and try to make their marriages work, we understand this may not be an approach that works best for everyone.

If you find yourself in a situation that may require legal advice, the Vario Law Group can be your best partner and biggest advocate. Every situation is different, and we’ve worked through some of the more complex family legal issues. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to your situation, all while being sensitive to the difficult emotional issues that are attached. Trust us to take care of the legal side of things instead of adding even more stress to your plate. From simple legal advice to full representation in and out of court, our team of lawyers will stand by your side, whatever your needs.
If your spouse has been unfaithful, it can lead to lots of questions in your marriage. If you need somewhere to turn for answers, the Vario Law Group can be there for you, as a resource. We’re here for you when it may seem like no one else is. In your darkest times, you can be confident you’ve got an experienced attorney.  If you have questions pertaining to your unique situation, contact us today at (720) 868-9496.

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