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Think Your Company Doesn’t Need to Retain a Lawyer? Think Again.


Why your business should retain a lawyer

Business decisions may be made in the boardroom, but they are solidified in the courtroom. When it comes to keeping your company moving forward without being held back by legal issues, the best way to make progress is to keep a business lawyer on retainer.

Business law is a rapidly changing area with lots of fluid technicalities and nuances. A book on business and technology law written five years ago is probably largely outdated at this point. Accredited business lawyers work in the field every day and are experienced in the ever-changing details and distinctions of the industry. Plus, they are required to complete dozens of continuing education hours each year to stay accredited by the Bar Association, meaning they are some of the first people to know about industry and regulation changes.

Retaining a Business Attorney for Long-Term Strategy

As a company grows and evolves, there is no doubt that legal issues and challenges will arise. Because business lawyers work in such a wide practice area, there are many things only a business lawyer can do, like form a business entity, create and review contracts, terms of service, and other agreements, draft business plans and strategy, and much more. Instead of going through the process of finding and hiring a lawyer every time a legal issue surfaces, a lawyer on retainer can quickly get to work and get you the results you want without wasting precious time.

Business law requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law and requires that everything be done in exactly the right process and order. Business lawyers can be proactive in creating new regulations and contracts for your company and can also assist in defensive issues if legal matters ever arise against your business. With a skilled business lawyer, you will be prepared and in the most optimal position for legal success and growth.

Alison Kilmer is a business lawyer with an expertise in the Boulder community. With years of experience working in the corporate world as a business consultant and working in the courtroom as a lawyer, Alison brings a unique skillset and experience to all of her work and can produce results that help your company grow while protecting its legal interests.

For business issues large or small, it pays off to keep a business lawyer on retainer. With Alison’s legal advice and assistance, your company will be on its ways to great new heights! Contact Vario Law today and make the smart decision to retain a business attorney to protect the legal aspects of your business interests.

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