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How to Calculate Child Support Costs


Divorce can be messy, especially when there are children involved. One of the most important parts of a divorce settlement is the amount of child support, which varies in nearly every case. In order to protect your family and make sure the settlement is fair, it is important to know how to calculate child support costs in Colorado.

The State of Colorado provides a Child Support Calculator to assist you in determining the amount of Child Support applicable to your case.

  • Download the child support calculator at the Colorado Judicial Branch website. This makes it easy to print child support worksheets and plug in your information for personalized results. Note that the software is based on guidelines that were effective January 1, 2014; child support from before that date requires you check the regulations from the time the child support was ordered. There are prompts throughout the program to assist in completing the information, as well as a “Help” button with more detailed instructions.
  • If you prefer to work offline, PDF versions of the forms, along with detailed instructions, are also available from the State of Colorado. These forms clearly lay out the percentage that is required for child support based on the number of children and the income level of the parent. The forms also include formulas to calculate child support costs on your own, or a blank form that lays things out more simply. Multiple forms are available depending on the number of children and how often they live with each parent.

No matter if you calculate child support costs online or on paper, the amount needs to be returned to the State to be recorded. The Colorado Judicial Branch also has representatives to help answer questions and work through legal issues. Taking the time to calculate child support costs early on may assist you in making sure all of your children are taken care of during a difficult time.

For assistance in the child support process, it is always recommended to hire an experienced family lawyer. While going through the process on your own is possible, a lawyer can guide you in the right direction, provide consistency during an emotionally draining time, and ensure you have an experienced advocate by your side throughout the entire process. Family lawyers are concerned about providing your children with the resources they need for success and will do what is best for your family.

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